Adelaide Lutheran are still in contention for the flag but it seems a one horse race as Brahma Lodge look a cut above the opposition in division 7
By Jordan Sennett Perez

Brahma Lodge 20.14-134 defeated Mitchell Park 11.8-74
When: Saturday 22nd August 2:15pm 
Where: Brahma Lodge Oval, Brahma Lodge 

This is a very intriguing match up we have here. Both teams have come off big wins, Brahma Lodge decimating a listless Central United and Mitchell Park subduing a disappointing Flinders University. Mitchell Park have had a strong rise in recent weeks, rising to every challenge and coming out successful. This is their biggest challenge yet as they face the ladder leaders who have only dropped a single game this year. Can the plucky young bucks take it up to the top dog on the big stage? Or will the first placed Brahma continue their strong form and secure another win along to this year’s premiership. This is at Brahma’s home ground, so it makes the match up even harder for Mitchell Park but they way they’ve been playing in recent weeks, you’d expect them to take it right up to Brahma. Strap yourselves in, this is going to be a ripper. 

Prediction: Brahma Lodge by 20 points. 

A gallant Mitchell Park have been downed by the ladder’s leaders in Brahma Lodge by 60 points on Saturday afternoon. Mitchell Park rose to the occasion early on, trading barbs with Brahma with the two teams kicking 7 goals between them in the first quarter which saw Brahma take a narrow 8-point lead into the second quarter. Brahma then showed their class and why they are on top of the table with a massive 8 goal to 1 second term which effectively ended the game there taking a 54-point lead into the main break. Mitchell Park continued to scratch and claw but couldn’t get any clean ball into their forward line with Brahma’s stingy defence continuing to stifle any clean movement from Mitchell Park. Brahma stepped off the gas in the last term and maintained their strong, but Mitchell Park never completely laid down scoring goals in junk time to gain back some respectability. The visitors will take positives out of this with their first term the highlight but needed to be cleaner with ball in hand thereafter with Brahma taking full advantage and punishing them on the turnover. Thomas Jenkins and Eric Hem-Mendes were the stars for Brahma Lodge with 5 and 4 goals respectively while Jack Spencely and Nathanial McDonnell battled for 3 goals apiece. Brahma Lodge play Flinders University next Saturday afternoon while Mitchell Park are up against O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale also on the same day. 

Central United 7.3-45 defeated by O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale 21.14-140 
Where: Mofflin Reserve, Elizabeth
When: Saturday 22nd August, 2:15pm 

This game should be a relatively straight forward game here. Central United were comprehensively humiliated by Brahma Lodge last week while O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale came out of yet another disappointing loss once again ruing a slow start. United are going that badly at the moment that even slightly better teams than them are going in heavy favourites against them and that’s exactly what O’Sullivan Beach are going in as. It’s almost just as frustrating being consistently inconsistent compared to being genuinely bad. O’Sullivan Beach are currently in that position, threatening in spits and spurts in games then to be badly hurt by lapses in concentration by which they leak too many goals in quick succession which then leaves them with a huge task to get back into the contest. If O’Sullivan Beach are to show the competition that they are more than just a tease, then they should win this game and win it well. United are too vulnerable and bereft of all confidence and there’s little hope for them in this one, lets just hope they start well and stay in the contest for more than 15 minutes. 

Prediction: O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale by 45 points. 

O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale have thrashed Central United by 95 points in impressive fashion to get back on the winners list after a frustrating few weeks. A huge first quarter by the visitors set up the huge with O’Sullivan Beach kicking 8.3 to 0.0. United did not have a solitary shot on goal in the first term, not one that’s how low they are, and they’ll only go lower if they keep up these sort of performances. Leading by 51 points going into the second term, O’Sullivan Beach didn’t let overconfidence get the better of them and continued to kick away leading by 50 points going into half-time. United finally got a score on the board with 3 goals in the second term but needed a lot more than a miracle to properly get back into the contest. Trevor Rigney again the star of the show for the winning side with a huge bag of 9 goals as he was set up time and time again with brilliant supply from the midfield who were well on top in the battle from the opening bounce. Bradley Hayes and Clinton Calyun combined for 6 goals providing a superb support in the forward line and kicking truly when they were presented with chances. It was a much-needed win and deservedly so given how much potential O’Sullivan Beach has but has failed in recent weeks to show it. They’ll confidence into next week’s huge clash with Mitchell Park while Central United face another tough task against Adelaide Lutheran. 

Adelaide Lutheran 11.14-80 defeated Finders University 7.9-51 
When: Saturday 22nd August, 2:15pm 
Where: South Parklands, Adelaide 

A big game mainly for Flinders University here as they take on one of the competition’s top contenders in Adelaide Lutheran. Flinders were humiliated last week by Mitchell Park while Adelaide had a strong win against O’Sullivan Beach. Adelaide are going in here as clear favourites while Flinders have to somehow re-establish their strong form from the start of the year if there any chance of causing an upset. That’s looking at it a tad too optimistic. Adelaide Lutheran are the second-best team in the league, their midfield is humming nicely as we look towards the pointy end of the season and they’ll be looking to cruise into the finals in some strong performances behind them. They’re just too good here Adelaide and maybe Flinders might have a chance if they stay with them by half-time but Adelaide Lutheran on their home deck have too much to lose and will be tough to stop. 

Prediction: Adelaide Lutheran by 38 points. 

Adelaide Lutheran have continued their fine run towards the finals with a strong 29-point win against a brave Flinders University on Saturday afternoon. A dominant but inaccurate first term by the home team saw them lead by 20 points but should have led by more if not for some errant goalkicking. Adelaide held a sizeable lead all game with full control over the contest, their midfield too strong and too quick for Flinders’ undersized and inexperienced on-ball brigade. Jacob Brown’s 3 goals was the highlight with the forward receiving quality ball every time it was sent forward. Patrick Newman for Flinders scrapped and scrapped for his 3 goals as he was made to earn every possession and was on one of the few players that can hold his head high after Saturday’s performance. Flinders should take positives out of this as they never allowed Adelaide to run all over them and pile on the goals, they were always within a few goals but were left to rue mistakes as Adelaide’s skill and class were too much for them after half-time. Adelaide Lutheran will look to continue their strong form against the struggling Central United next week while Flinders University take on the ladder leaders in Brahma Lodge all next Saturday afternoon. 

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