Blackfriars Old Scholars played well to defeat Kenilworth in the preliminary final. But Flinders University soundly defeated the Hounds a few weeks ago. This will be a mighty grand final clash for the ages
By Georgie Evans

Blackfriars OS vs Kenilworth 

Both sides were fresh off a win and rearing to battle it out for a spot in the big dance. The conditions could not have been better in the twilight clash at Blair Athol Reserve. It was a mild and relatively still night, perfect conditions to battle it out. There was a lot riding on this game, one team would walk out with a golden ticket to the Grand Final, and the other would hang up their boots for 2020. There was no real score board action for the first quarter with Kenilworth kicking the only behind. Both teams managed to put it through the big sticks in the second with Blackfriars OS slotting 2 and Kenilworth with a single. The ‘premiership quarter’, as they call it, saw no change in the scoreboard but much fight around the ground. Blackfriars ran away with the game in the last quarter, kicking 3 goals 1 to Kenilworth 1 goal 4. The final score was Blackfriars 5.1-31 to Kenilworth 2.5-17. The nail in the coffin for Kenilworth was Blackfriars accuracy in front of goal, as they had 1 less scoring opportunity in the final term but made sure the ones they had counted. A frustrating loss for Kenilworth, who fought hard from fourth spot on the ladder to only miss out on a Grand Final appearance by a couple of kicks. They should be very proud of their fight in both the finals and the home and away season, and we look forward to seeing them next year in the Division 3. Kenilworth did not list their best players, but their goal kickers were Darcie Coad and Sheena Peters. As for Blackfriars, their accuracy in front of goal came from the likes of N. Kraemer, G. Gormlie, T. Huynh, S. McLeod and S. Steele. It is good to see some real depth in the forward line of Blackfriars as the Division 3 leading goal scorer Jacalyn Pickering has not played since they last met with Flinders University in the Semi Final. Blackfriars best players included M. Ney, A. van der Hulst, I. Tucker, A. Lemmens, C. Tolson and G. Gormlie – all of whom have made multiple appearances in the best for Blackfriars OS this season. It’s an encouraging sign for Blackfriars that their best players were all up and about on the weekend heading into what will be a big challenge coming up against the undefeated Flidners University. It will be a hard slog, but if anyone is in with a chance to take out the formidable force, it may very well be Blackfriars in their best form. 

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