Brahma Lodge lay in wait and look almost invincible. Can either Adelaide Lutheran or Flinders University spring a major surprise next week in the grand final?
By Jordan Sennett Perez

Brahma Lodge 13.11-89 defeated Adelaide Lutheran 8.10-58 

When: Saturday 12th September 2:15pm 

Where: Brahma Lodge Oval, Brahma Lodge 


It’s semi-final 2 this Saturday afternoon with the 2020 minor premiers Brahma Lodge taking on the second-best team in Adelaide Lutheran. This is one of, if not the most mouth-watering clash we’ve had all year and there have been some strong contenders thus far. In finals however, it’s a different story, the measuring stick changes, the playing field’s intensity increases by that much it’s almost unfathomable. Expect this one to be close, these two sides have everything to play for. The premiership is so close for Brahma and Adelaide but yet so far away due to the fact that one of these teams will win and the other lose. That’s the brutal reality of sports. Brahma Lodge and Adelaide Lutheran have been going toe to toe the whole season with their differing game styles catching the eye of most pundits. Will Brahma’s big bodied midfielders be outrun by Adelaide’s more-speedy fleet footed on-ball brigade? Both teams boast watertight stingy defences so that will be another interesting battle to watch to see which forward line can break through and which one will fall at the line. This is going to be massive this one so strap yourselves in. 

Prediction: Brahma Lodge by 10 points. 


Brahma Lodge have advanced to the grand final with a comprehensive 31-point win over Adelaide Lutheran after a slow start. Adelaide got off to a strong start kicking 5 goals to 3 with their forwards sharing it around which in turn made Brahma’s defenders work even harder. Adelaide essentially stopped in the second term with Brahma bursting out of the blocks kicking 4.6 in what were the only goals scored in the quarter while being wasteful in front of goal missing some easy shots, but their pressure was right up and were stifling Adelaide’s ball movement at every change. A tough and tight third quarter followed thereafter with only one goal being scored with both team’s defences working overtime repelling ball after ball coming in before Brahma found that extra gear kicking away in the last quarter to secure the hard-fought win. Dylan Chaffey found plenty of it for Brahma booting 4 goals but were had to work hard for them as Adelaide’s defensive pressure was up a notch especially in the third. Jacob Brown of Adelaide was also working diligently for his 2 goals, but opportunities were scarce in particular when Brahma were getting on top in the last stanza. Brahma Lodge advance straight to the grand final while Adelaide Lutheran face off against Flinders University in next week’s preliminary final. 

Mitchell Park 8.9-57 defeated by Flinders University 11.13-79 

When: Saturday September 12th 2:15pm 

Where: Mitchell Park Oval, Mitchell Park 


Who would have thought we’d see this at the end of last year. It’s the resurgent Mitchell Park and the latecomers Flinders University facing off in the first semi final on Saturday afternoon. Mitchell Park weren’t expected to do much this year but, after a slow start improved immensely even knocking off a few premiership contenders including Adelaide Lutheran. Flinders University started the year reasonably strong but fell away midway through the season then did just enough to scrape into finals. The pundits are expecting a relatively straight up result with Mitchell Park expected to comfortably account for Flinders. Both teams however have not much finals experience in recent seasons so result is more of a toss of the coin as people might think. Looking closely both sides have young sides with fatigue affecting them at different times this season, Mitchell Park towards the end of the season and as said Flinders throughout the middle of the year. This is going to be tight with both sides entering the finals for the first time in a while, a few players are sure to be nervous but expect Mitchell Park to just get over the top of Flinders here. 

Prediction: Mitchell Park by 8 points. 


Flinders University have prevailed, eliminating Mitchell Park from the finals by 22 points in a rather unexpected result on Saturday afternoon. The two sides were neck and neck in the first quarter trading blows left, right and centre each kicking 2.4 going into the second term with scores level. Flinders somehow found an extra gear and burst out of the gates in the second stanza booting 5 goals to 0 with Mitchell Park not even registering a behind. James McDowell found form for Flinders with 3 monstrous goals sparking his team’s flurry of quick goals. Effectively, that’s where the game was won and lost, Mitchell Park leaving themselves too far back with too much work to do and Flinders stifling their ball movement at every change, their defence being one of the highlights of the afternoon. Mitchell Park tried to claw their way back as much as they could in the last quarter kicking 4 goals to 2 with Adam Halime’s 2 major’s the early spark of a hopeful comeback but the damage was already done and it was a case of too little too late. John Mason and Toby Hawthorne provided a great supporting cast for Flinders as Mitchell Park’s defenders were made to work overtime due to the strong spread of goalkickers. Mitchell Park’s season ends there which is rather disappointing given their strong improvement throughout the season but expect them to only get better next year. Flinders University advances straight through to next week’s preliminary final against Adelaide Lutheran. 

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