Brahma Lodge’s premiership finals campaign starts now and only Adelaide Lutheran has a chance of stopping a Tiger celebration in September
By Jordan Sennett Perez

Brahma Lodge 18.13-121 defeated O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale 11.11-77 

Brahma Lodge play O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale in this rather intriguing matchup. This presents itself as another prime opportunity for the ladder leaders in Brahma to further cement them as minor premiers and cruise into finals brimming with confidence. O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale have improved over the last couple of weeks but will be challenged like never before against the top team. Can they with Brahma for 4 quarters? Or will their inconsistency that has plagued them at different stages this year rear its ugly head back in and hurt them when it matters most. Brahma are well ahead of the competition right now and look to continue their strong form especially at home where it is an absolute fortress. O’Sullivan Beach’s improvement is expected to continue here but the challenge might just be too much for them but expect the visitors to take it up to the home side. 

Prediction: Brahma Lodge by 39 points. 

Brahma Lodge have continued their fine form this season comfortably accounting for O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale by 44 points and therefore maintaining outright top spot on the ladder and increasing the buffer between them and the rest of the competition. The first quarter was where the game was won and lost with the home side booting 7 goals to 1 to take a 38-point lead into the second quarter. O’Sullivan Beach fought back in the second quarter outscoring Brahma 4 goals to 2 with Trevor Rigney starring yet again with 4 majors to cut the lead back to 25 points heading into the main break. The ladder leaders then iced the game from there with a 6 goal to 3 third quarter. Ian Bellman was the one of the main benefactors of this with 4 goals. Brahma’s high pressure and octane attack was too much for the plucky O’Sullivan Beach in the end, but the visitors should take positives out of this one as they refused to be overrun after half-time and continued to scratch and claw thereon out. Brahma Lodge finish the home and away season as minor premiers and will face off against Adelaide Lutheran in the second semi-final next Saturday afternoon. O’Sullivan Beach Lonsdale’s failed to make the finals and thus their 2020 season has ended.  

Mitchell Park 8.15-63 defeated by Adelaide Lutheran 12.10-82 

This is a huge game for both clubs, in particular Mitchell Park. Adelaide Lutheran have a lot more experience in these types of mini-final like matches that decide crucial finals positions. Adelaide Lutheran are the favourite here but only just with some pundits suggesting Mitchell Park can take that next step and knock off one of the top contenders. Expect it to be close with both teams now having an even spread across the board in terms of stats throughout the year. Both have a fast-paced high-pressure type of game they play so players will be spent afterwards and so they should as they’re playing off for top positions come finals time. It’s just going the way of Adelaide Lutheran in this one, mainly due to their experience in these types of games and their midfield’s hard contested style seems as though it will get on top of a younger less strongly contested Mitchell Park midfield. Expect Mitchell Park to throw everything they’ve got at Adelaide and if they’re to continue to rise win and win well. This match could literally go either way, just leaning towards Adelaide more but in a close one. 

Prediction: Adelaide Lutheran by 8 points. 

What a game and what a contest, Adelaide Lutheran have prevailed over a gallant Mitchell Park beating them by 19 points in a gut-wrenching affair on Saturday afternoon. The first half was filled with high pressure, fast-paced and attacking flair with both sides trading blows left, right and centre. Adelaide Lutheran took a 3-point lead into quarter time while Mitchell Park fought back and took the lead by a solitary point heading into half-time. Nathaniel McDonnell was the star for Mitchell Park with 3 goals in the first half until Daniel Burgess willed his side back with 4 goals helping Adelaide take a commanding 14-point lead into the final term. A low-scoring and highly defensive last quarter saw Adelaide restrict the home side from scoring and maintaining their lead all the way to the final siren. Adelaide Lutheran finished the home and away season well in 2nd spot with an 8-2 win-loss record while Mitchell Park finished in 3rd with a 4-6 record, their improvement being one of the highlights of the year. Adelaide take on the minor premiers in Brahma Lodge in the second semi-final while Mitchell Park face off against Flinders University in the first semi-final. 

Central United 7.7-49 defeated by Flinders University 22.19-151

This is solely a huge game for Flinders University as they have a chance to leapfrog O’Sullivan Beach and scrape into the finals. On the flipside, Central United have been absolutely appalling this year despite their one win. The signs were there late last year with their form dropping rather quickly but many expected them to refresh and start contending again this season. They’ve done anything but that. Flinders University must win here and win well to increase their percentage and to enter the finals with confidence off a strong win. No one can see a United win here they re doing that poorly, Flinders will post a huge win away from him in hostile territory. After a low year last season, Flinders have the chance set themselves up beautifully and maybe even win a final after getting there. 

Prediction: Flinders University by 67 points. 

Flinders University have barged their way into finals with a crushing 102-point win over Central United on Saturday afternoon. Flinders burst out of the gates in the opening term taking a comfortable 33-point lead into quarter time. Toby Hawthorne presented well with 4 majors being set up time and time again through Flinders’ blistering dominance in the middle over United’s ever struggling midfield brigade. The visitors slowed a little in the second term, failing to really capitalise on their dominance but maintained a strong lead, nonetheless. They really turned on the gas in the third with a bruising 7 goal to 1 one quarter, Steven Webster one of the main benefactors with a massive 5-goal display. United were nowhere near the mark, slipping over, not connecting with each other everything was an utter disaster. The onslaught continued in the final term with Flinders slowly cooling the jets and looking forward to finals. All eyes will be on them as they take on the ever-improving Mitchell Park in the first semi-final next Saturday afternoon while mercifully, Central United’s season ends with them taking out the wooden spoon for season 2020. Some big changes coming their way this off-season.

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