Flinders University after a great season sit back in wait for either Blackfriars OS or Kenilworth as they do battle this week in the preliminary final
By Georgie Evans

Pulteney vs Kenilworth

It was do or die for the Kenilworth Kookaburras going into semi-finals as they had finished in 4th with no double chance. Their win over Tea Tree Gully last week gave them some momentum and confidence coming into this game, while Pulteney were licking their wounds after their upset loss to Blackfriars OS. It turned out to be another upset at Atkinsons Oval, with Kenilworth taking down the 2nd placed Pulteney. It was a relatively low scoring afternoon in the sun, with only 5 goals scored between each side. Pulteney had the lead most of the mate, but a few late goals in the final quarter saw Kenilworth come back for a win. The final score was Pulteney 2.4-16 to Kenilworth 3.6-24. Pulteney’s best on ground was Imogen Loftes, who has been named ‘best on’ an impressive 4 times in 2020. Imogen was joined by K. Kittel, L. Bailey, C. Glover and G. Osborne In Pulteney’s best players. Two Pulteney girls put one through the big sticks in K. Kittel and N. Gittings. While Kenilworth did not provide their best players, they did name their goal kickers in C. Lena, L. Schroeder and S. Peters. Pulteney have run out of lives, used their double chance and are now out of the finals race. Kenilworth will continue to be the scrappy underdogs in the preliminary final, facing the formidable Blackfriars OS at Blair Athol Reserve under lights.

Flinders University vs Blackfriars OS

It’s never an easy task taking on the top side, let alone in a semi-final. Blackfriars had their backs against the wall the entire game and had nowhere to go as Flinders University continued their undefeated streak. Flinders University, who have been an unstoppable force, took down Blackfriars OS 4.9-33 to 0.3-3. Luckily for Blackfriars OS, they live to see another day and will take on Kenilworth in the preliminary final at Blair Athol Reserve. Flinders University had 4 goal scorers in E. Hingston, C. Shakespeare, G. Burke and S. Rayner. The best players for Flinders included J. Chau, K. Smith, S. Ramm, I. Starmer and T. Nicholas. While Blackfriars OS did not kick any goals, their best players included L. Ackland, G. King-Jones, M. Ney, A. Lemmens, K. Holliday and S. McLeod. Flidners University roll into the grand final with a week off, looking at a clean sweep at an undefeated season. Blackfriars OS or Kenilworth will be their opposition depending on the outcome of the preliminary final. In a season that has both been strange and tough on many clubs, families and people, Flinders University have managed to be a cut about the rest all season and if they should take anything into the big dance, it should be pride in what they have been able to achieve so far in the 2020 season.

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