Gaza vs Eastern Park
By Gabrielle Torpey

Goodness me, I could not have been more off in my prediction last week when I said the Demons might have better odds in scoring this week. Gaza had lost their first two games of the season and then had a bye. They only scored 1-point against Happy Valley then exceeded expectations when in the following week they halved Scotch OC’s scores. I honestly expected there to be more of a struggle between the Eagles and the Demons, but it just goes to shows it is still too early in the season to be making game predictions. If you need some context, Gaza played a home game against Eastern Park and scored 32-17: that’s 209 points in total against Eastern Park who flat lined the whole game.

That’s got to be a record! Sure enough the game has stirred the tally for the leading goal kickers with three Gaza players in the top 15. Shout out to Keiren O’Dell who kicked, I think, 9 goals and is now the second leading goal kicker and was also voted best on. Jaimi Rock kicked 6 goals and is now 8th on the board. Meanwhile for Eastern Park, this is the third time they have scored full zeros all around. Unfortunately, its not going to get easier. In round 5 the Eagles must face the Vicious Vikings of Happy Valley. Meanwhile Gaza have an away game against Fitzroy in Round 5. And nope. I haven’t learnt my lesson. The Gaza and Fitzroy game is going to be the one to see this week. I don’t know who will win but I know it will be interesting.

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