Goodwood Saints v Happy Valley
By Iona McKenzie

Ladder leader Goodwood Saints defeated Happy Valley in a tense game last Saturday. The final score reflected a fast-paced game where Goodwood Saints absolutely dominated the first three quarters until a quick fight back from Hope Valley in the last quarter.. The Happy Valley best players were A. Paay, E. Bartlett, N. Drury, S. Groth, H. Charlton, M. Karriem. The goal kicker for Happy Valley were A. Paay with one. The victorious best players for Goodwood Saints were M. Griffiths, E. Whyte, N. Dinan, L. Argy, O. Gao. The Goodwood Saints goal kickers were C. Perks with four, M. Griffiths with two, N. Dinan with two, E. Whyte with two, Y. Blake-Smith with two, S. Sheedy with two and C. Payne with one.

Hope Valley v Lockleys

Another win for Woodville South this week as they went up against Edwardstown, but Edwardstown did not just roll over they fought valiantly developing their defence each game.

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