Goodwood Saints were first through to the grand final. But could there be an upset brewing this week as Woodville South take on Hope Valley? We think there will be.
By Michelle Wakim

Goodwood Saints v Hope Valley

Hope Valley did not experience a loss in the home-and-away season; they should have finished top, with a week’s rest in the first round of finals. However, in a moment of complacency, Hope Valley played an ineligible player in Round 7, meaning they were stripped of their win, granting top spot to Goodwood Saints. Consequently, Hope Valley played and made it through the first round of finals but had to face Goody Saints this week in the first Semi. Valley’s unfortunate decision back in Round 7 has come back to bite them. Goody Saints hosted this semi-final, and by the end of the first quarter they had made their mark, scoring three-goals-two in the first term, to Valley’s one-goal-four. Over the next two quarters, Goody Saints’ lead only grew, with the scoreboard reading 42 to 22 at three quarter time. To Hope Valley’s credit, they did not drop their heads for the final term, giving Goody a run for their money. Valley finished the game falling short by a goal, kicking two-goals-three to Goody’s one point in the last quarter. Despite Valley’s enthusiastic run home, Goodwood Saints walked away with the victory, a ticket to the ‘big dance’, and a week off. It should be noted that Valley scored four-goals-thirteen for the game: there were plenty of opportunities for Valley to cause some damage, but they were, unfortunately, unable to capitalize. Goal kickers for Goodwood Saints were Emma Whyte and Chloe Perks with two each, and Laura Argy and Natasha Dinan with one each. Whyte, Madelyn Griffiths, Georgia McLeod, Sammy Gilchrist, and Dinan made up their best. Hope Valley sit on the losing end of this hit out, and now must play off in next week’s preliminary final against Woodville South. Although Valley won convincingly against Woodville in the first final, Valley’s confidence may now be waning. The recent change of events means Hope Valley need to work twice as hard to earn their spot in the grand final; judging by their results all season, they have the capacity to get there, but will need to muster up some momentum before they meet Woodville. Alicia Wordingham, Tyra Pix, Alannah Pix, Abbey Mozuras, and Sarah Fry were named in the best, with Brylee Cook, Mozuras, Jaimee Lake, and Tyra Pix each scored a goal. 

Woodville South v Edwardstown

Unlike the other semi-final, there was a blow out when Woodville South met Edwardstown. Woodville were away early, scoring three-goals-five in the first quarter while Edwardstown remained scoreless. This first quarter set the trend for what was to unfold. At half time, Woodville had a thirty-point lead, which doubled by the end of the game. The final score showed Woodville finishing with nine-goals-twelve, while Edwardstown were only able to put two points next to their name. While finals footy can often be close, it can also be brutal, and this win reflected that. Edwardstown should be proud of a commendable season in 2020, and to play finals in any capacity deserves wide-spread recognition. Best on for Edwardstown was Taylor McAvaney, Jessica Patching, Lisa Payne, Michaela Jordan, and Jessica Daw. Hats off to you ladies – enjoy the end of season celebrations. While Edwardstown get to air out their boots, Woodville have a big week ahead: in the upcoming prelim Woodville meet Hope Valley who will be fighting ferociously for redemption and a spot in the grand final. Woodville have momentum on their side, so I suggest they back themselves in and put their best foot forward – finals footy is independent of the home-and-away season, and each game is like a fresh slate and a 50/50 contest. Evelyn Holt kicked four for Woodville, while Liana Paparella, Elani Balute, Nina Wall, Melissa Norman, and Brianna Rich all kicked one. Out of the goal kickers, Holt, Rich and Norman were named in the best, and were joined by Emily Koch.

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