Goodwood Saints win a heart stopper in extra time over Hope Valley by a solitary point. Scores were locked at the end of regular time as the Saints just prevail over a courageous Demons
By Iona McKenzie
Goodwood Saints v Hope Valley

Last Saturday Goodwood Saints and Hope Valley battled it out for their place as a premieres of the 2020 season. The game was so close between both teams and the final score was only separated by a point. Let’s take a looks at the breakdown, at the end of the first quarter Hope Valley was in the lead by 2 points. It was a high scoring game which is a testimony to how much both teams really wanted this win. The end of the second quarter saw Hope Valley keeping a strong grip on the lead heading into the third quarter. The third quarter saw a huge turnaround from Goodwood Saints, but not good enough to snatch the lead. The final quarter brought about an unexpected, yet nonetheless deserved, win for Goodwood Saints as they not only took the lead, but the premiership. This game was an amazing display of teamwork and all the improvements both teams have made throughout the season. The Hope Valley goal kickers were B. Cook 2, A. Mozuras 2, C. Perrin-Baillie. The Goodwood Saints best players were
I. Higgins, G. McLeod, A. Size, N. Dinan, L. Argy. And finally, the Goodwood Saints winning goal kickers were C. Perks 2, Y. Perks, E. Whyte, P. Kottaridis. Congratulations to both teams on a great season, and once again fantastic game and a great win for the Saints. Wishing all teams luck on their season for 2021.
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