Hope Valley were good all year but run into a mighty Saints outfit in the second-semi final. Can the Demons overcome Goodwood Saints in the big dance to be premiers?
By Iona McKenzie

Preliminary final 
Hope Valley v Woodville South

This week’s preliminary final saw Hope Valley and Woodville South battle it out for a place in the division 5 grand final. Hope Valley came straight out of the gate getting those early points in before Woodville even know what hit them. In a battle for the grand final you must play to your strengths and hit the ground sprinting not running, and that’s just what Hope Valley did. Hope Valley ended the first quarter with 2.4-16, while Woodville South ended it with 0.0, the obvious gap in ferocity displays how much Hope Valley really chased this win. Second quarter brought on the first points of the game for Woodville South showing off their great defensive techniques we have come to expect from them all season. But alas, Woodville South’s defensive game play was not enough to secure the lead at the end of the third quarter, Hope Valley showed off their superior teamwork by smashing through the game and sustaining their lead the entire match. While the final score was 29 points apart, the teams have been close on the ladder all season, which is really a testament to their great sportswomanship, skill and club pride. The final score was 46-17 HV’s way. The courageous Woodville South best players were M. Norman, E. Vitucci, N. Wall, G. Cunningham, M. Annese. The amazing Goal Kickers from Woodville South were E. Vitucci, N. Wall. The triumphant Hope Valley best players were M. Wilkinson, S. Fry, T. Pix, A. Pix, L. Lawless. Finally, the superstar goal kickers from Hope Valley were P. Kulpe 2, H. Taheny, M. Wilkinson, D. Saege, S. Fry. This week’s grand final between Hope Valley and Goodwood Saints is going to be a nail biter so if you are looking for a ripper local game to watch, head on down to Norwood oval at 11:20 am this Saturday. Hope to see all of these amazing players back on the field next season and down at Norwood oval to support their fellow teams. Congratulations and Goodluck to both teams this Saturday.

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