To have great magazines/publications and to be the most successful sports media company in South Australia for 28-years is partly due to the outstanding writers we have. Our journalists and writers are the very best in South Australia and Australia. No other company in South Australia, can match Stralia Sports.Com Pty Ltd, with longevity and success at bringing out high quality magazines and media for nearly three-decades. Only companies “very highly regarded” last three-decades in media. Whilst we don’t have any competitors in South Australia, those who try and claim they are competitors lack the knowledge, staff, expertise, media training and journalists. No other companies media staff can go head-to-head with our talented team. We tend to work with younger writers, who are still playing the game. Our writers are at the cold-face of the game they love. Other companies tend to use the “has-beens” as their writers or media staff well past their “used-by-date”. Most of those have been recycled a few dozen times over and lack the credibility to work with the sports people of today, as they’re out of touch. We only work with vibrant, fresh writers, and media people. They’re the ones who are able to bring the written word to life.

Dylan Smith
Justin Gerschwitz
Ben Lennon
Liam Wormald
Lachlan Jones
Jakob Matheson
Jordan Sennett-Perez
Kayla Voss
Michelle Wakim
Gabrielle Torpey
Georgie Evans
Iona McKenzie
Jessica Phipps
Katie Jackson
James Davies
Ben Brady
Madison Mifsud-Ure
Daniel Emilo Amato
Foti Mantis
Nick Blewett
Thomas McLean
William Clemente
Karl Carrington
Alex Breda
Dan Crouch
Jayden Hill
Kym Kelly
Jack Kovacic
Ellis Gelios
Patrick Goldsmith
Tom Basso
Damon Mattiazzo
Dylan Matthews
Bailey Puvogel