Leaderless Crows
By Foti Mantis

Beware of wisdom you did not earn. That is the warning new Adelaide Crows coach Matthew Nicks must listen to. The renowned philosophy associated with the Crows has always been to show pride in South Australian football, and to tackle every challenge together, united as one. Their motto “We Fly as One” is not only a simple marketing tool.

Under Don Pyke those four words meant something, and it showed in the brand of footy that was so distinct to Adelaide in 2017. But the problem now for Adelaide is that no one is willing to lead the flock, or at least embody the image of that intimidating and unpredictable crow that instills fear into the opposition.

In all five games so far this season, Nicks has enforced a dump style of footy which sees players giving of the ball as quickly as possible (usually in the form of a long thumping kick) for someone else to deal with.

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