Mitcham vs Athelstone
By Jessica Phipps

Saturday afternoon in peak football conditions out at Thomas Farms Oval saw Mitcham take an Athelstone in what was an absolute demolition by the home side. Mitcham, coming off a devastating loss last weekend weren’t looking for two losses in a row, so the girls came out strong; too strong for Athelstone. Although Athelstone’s G. Smales scored the first goal of the game, from then on it was a total Mitcham takeover. The first quarter saw Mitcham score six goals to Athelstone’s one, and unfortunately for Athelstone that would be the only taste of a major they would receive for the game. As the goals for Mitcham continued, with a vibrant list of goalkickers featuring J. Wittervan 6, P. Visvardis 4, E. Betterman 3, Z. MacGill-Rankin, A. Martin, I. Adam, and G. Monaghan, Athelstone tried to keep the pressure on, but by the half-time break Athelstone’s score of seven could not compare to Mitcham’s 56.

Mitcham’s quick ball work and dominance in the contest continued into the second half, and as the game came to a close, the scoreboard reflected Mitcham’s brilliant skills. Mitcham finished with a whopping 114 points to Athelstone’s eight. With such a dominant team effort, it would have been hard to select Mitcham’s best, however J. Wittervan with her impressive six goals, and S. O’Hara, S. Kirsanovs, Z. MacGill-Rankin, and P. Visvardis took out the top five. Although a sad night for Athelstone, L. White, T. Gardiner, E. Hughes, A. Mackay, and D. Reid were named their best. Next weekend will be another big match for the Athelstone, and the girls will be searching for any chance of redemption as they take on Gepps Cross at home.

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