To have great writers and journalists is one thing. But we also have the very best “On-Air Media Personalities” in South Australia. 28-years of being South Australia’s leading sports media company, has taught us the public wants vibrant young talent, along with experienced personalities and women. We only work with those who are currently “playing, coaching, or part of the modern game”. We develop younger talent, whilst working with the more experienced media personalities. Between the two spectrums is perfect. A “Brilliant Blend” of those who are well versed in football, along with the younger generation who are currently playing and coaching. We believe in working with young people and women, to give both a voice in the media. Too many other organisations and lesser companies who produce Internet TV shows “pinch old and regurgitated” hosts. And it definitely shows in the end product. We have the “Brilliant Blend” of seasoned, more youthful, and female talent, across both Adelaide and South Australia. Where we excel, is giving “women a voice in the media”. We’re the only company who hire women to give them a voice in both football and sport. We’re proud of being the only company who hire women to host Internet TV programmes in South Australia.

Alexandra Bull
Kristie McDonald
Georgie Evans
Jo McPharlin
Tella Wise
Darcy Evans
Wayne Knowles
Steven Clay
Shaun Holland
Ben Lennon
Nathan Goad
Brett Backwell
Kayla Voss
Karl Carrington
William Clemente
Dan Crouch
Ellis Gelios
Jason Regan
Mark Thiele
Craig Dawe
Andrew Marks
Nick Blewett
Rhyan Mansell
Kianna Lee
Gabrielle Torpey
Jessica Phipps
Michelle Wakim
April Cretan
Daniel Emilio Amato
Bailey Puvoge