Only 3 clubs remain in the fight for the premiership. Happy Valley are through to the grand final. This week Scotch OC take on Broadview for the right to play in the grand final
By Gabrieile Torpey

It’s Semi Finals already, with Mount Lofty out of the game with last week’s elimination, and after this week, only two games left in the season. Happy Valley have been on the top of the ladder all season and have not lost a single game, with some of the best goal kickers and players in the division. Broadview is second on the ladder having won every game except against Happy Valley, also with strong goal kickers on their team. Scotch OC are third on the ladder with Gaza just behind. Mount Lofty and Fitzroy are 5th and 6th on the ladder with very close percentage scores. Eastern Park didn’t get a chance to win a game, and only managed to get one goal in this year. After this week’s results Scotch OC and Broadview have moved on to the preliminary and unsurprisingly, Happy Valley await for the results to find out who they verse in the finals. 

The top ten goal kickers of the season were Happy Valley’s Jorga Hooper kicking 31 goals this season, making her the leading goal kicker. Broadview’s Courtney Jonson and and Hanni Howe are second and third, kicking 16 and 14 goals. Happy Valley’s Madeliene Green is just ahead of Gaza’s Keiren O’Dell with 13 goals and O’Dell 12 goals. 6th on the ladder is Natasha Richards from Broadview with 12 goals and an impressive 8 marks. Scotch OC’s Adrienne Davies and Happy Valley’s Callie Wilson both kicked 10 goals this season, and then Happy Valley’s Alannah Rochow following with 9 goals. Our 10th leading goal kicker is Scotch OC’s Hannah Tavian.

It reached 26 degrees in some parts of Adelaide on the weekend: Warmer days are certainly always a sign of football finals, as was the case with Saturday’s Semi Finals. 

Happy Valley vs Scotch OC

Happy Valley kicked an impressive 10 goals and 7 points on the weekend against Scotch OC who kicked 3 goals and 6 points. Scotch OC didn’t get a chance to score in the first quarter, which would have been very disheartening when every second counts in these games. Happy Valley managed to kick 4 goals in the first quarter, and then one, two and three in the last three quarters. Their scores were standard of what we expected to see from Happy Valley while Scotch OC only bettered by one goal since last time they versed Happy Valley. Happy Valley’s goal kickers were J Hooper (4), A Rochow (3) M Green, A Wood and R Jozwa. Their best players were J Davies, A Rochow, M Green, J Hooper, R Jozwa and C Wilson. Scotch OC’s goal kickers were H Tavian (2) and L Brake. Their best players were C Harnett, S Davies, N Callary, A Davies and A Johnston. Some familiar names there. We will see Scotch OC next week on Saturday in the preliminary when they take on Broadview Tigers.

Broadview vs Gaza

Broadview kicked 4 goals and 14 points winning against Gaza who scored just three points. Winning this round means Broadview will go on to play against Scotch OC in the preliminary next week. Broadview played Scotch OC in round 1 of the season with Broadview winning with 7 goals and Scotch OC only scoring 2.

Gaza are now out of the game and remain with their position on the ladder. Gaza’s best players on were C Damen, E Del Re, C Karpany, S Foran, L Danforth-Smith and T OConnor.

I think Broadview have a good chance of winning this high quality preliminary final, to face Happy Valley in the grand final. I think this week is going to be a tough and aggressive game, but I think the Tigers might have it in the bag. I always root for the underdog, so I am hoping that Broadview get up and take it to Happy Valley next week in the grand final. Hopefully we get another warm day on the weekend but currently its looking like its only going to reach a cool 16 degrees.

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