Rebuilding stage for Adelaide Crows
By Foti Mantis

The Crows, who attained their first win of the season against Hawthorn last week, showed a glimpse of the prideful footy that we’ve seen them play in the past. Crows play their best when they show that type of aggression like they did, and most importantly, when they start to dominate clearances. However, it is no mystery that both the Crows and Hawks are undergoing a rebuild stage with their sights keen on the AFL Draft.

Depending if the Crows trade or not, they will get this year’s first pick in the draft. However, they probably could not have chosen a worst year to get it. Although South Australian football has continued, other states, like Victoria and New South Wales, have cancelled their local and state competitions. That means the Crows will have a limited choice of players to consider, and will probably have to use their pick to fill in a hole in their squad, rather than choosing the most promising and talented player. 

As for trades and transfers, the Crows will probably lose a few more key players. Although the Tex has not been in the best form, he is still an important player for the Crows who acts as the glue of their forward line. Brad Crouch, on the other hand, is on the ropes. No one questions the fact that he is a star midfielder, but I think he’s done all he can at the Crows, and it would be a waste of talent for the young gun to remain with Adelaide through a rebuilding phase. And, as Crouch will be a restricted free agent, the Crows could end up being compensated with the second pick in the draft too. Also, it seems Rory Atkins has already expressed his interest in free agency, adding to the list of key players the Crows will lose. But, to reiterate, these are, or will be, important moves for the Crows in their rebuilding stage. 

Having debuted the most number of players for any team this year, the Crows have shown that their top priority is to advance youth players to the first team for experience and improvement. Players like Will Hamill, Lachlan Scholl, Shane McAdam, Andy McPherson and Harry Schoenberg are sure to be names that we will see in a few years when the Crows grow passed this rebuilding stage. To add to this, the Crows are looking at Jackson Hately from the Giants, who seems to be a young midfielder that isn’t getting any game time in Sydney.

This will definitely remain a theme through the post-season, as the Crows aim to make their youth the core of the team. As for the rest of this season, I think Adelaide can muster one more win. It won’t come easy, but it’s crucial for the confidence of the players, and will give fans something to be happy about for this dreadful season.

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