Rostrevor Old Collegians are the reddest of red hot favourites to beat Brighton while Prince Alfred Old Collegians should have too many guns for Goodwood Saints who everyone has jumped on the bandwagon
By Luke Hosie

Rostrevor 17.19 (121) defeated Brighton Bombers 4.8 (32)

Rostrevor Old Collegians are finishing the season full of running, but for Brighton the season has gone far too long. After starting the season brilliantly, the Bombers have been poor over the last month. Injuries have played a part in that poor form, but all sides have experienced injuries. The game was effectively over at half time last week as Rostrevor lead by 49-points. By three-quarter time it was a percentage booster as they lead by 74-points and finally cruising home by 89-points. Michael Coad again proved a focal point up foward with his 6 goals and he’s in tremendous touch going into the finals. Patrick Dawson bagged 4 and seven individual goal scorers each kicked singles which would have pleased the coaching group. Murphy Short continued his outstanding form over the last month. Coad, Tim Baccanello, Craig Holm, Patrick Dawson and Dylan Reinbrecht were also outstanding. Jarrod Miller was the only multiple goal kicker for the Bombers with two. Jay Boyle was brilliant in what’s been a patchy season for him. Harrison Boyle, Shane Harvey and Will Rivers rounded out the Bombers best players in a disappointing day. 

St Peters OC 21.13 (139) defeated Unley Mercedes Jets 4.11 (35)

The Jets opened the game well against the all conquering St Peter’s Old Collegians and were within touch at quarter time, only being 7-points behind. Unfortunately thats where it ended for Kane Stewart’s men. From there on, it was a goal avalanche. The maestro coach Geoff Riddle watched on as his team fine tuned for a fortnights time. SPOC led by 43-points at the long break, 79-points at lemon time and finally won by a massive 104-points. Big Jock McLeay booted 6, Patrick Fahey and former Brisbane Lion Jessie O’Brien 3 each. While dominant big man, ex Carlton player Luke Mitchell was hard to stop with 2 goals, as was Hamish Allan and James Hargreaves with 2 each. The same players featured heavily in the best players with O’Brien, Allan, Hargreaves, Mitchell and live wire small, Ben McGill being amongst the best. O’Brien has had a superb season, and should win the division 1 medal by a considerable margin. James O’Sullivan, Damon Arnold, Oliver Cheesman and Johann Einarson were best for a Jets side, who were looking forward to the season ending and regrouping for next year. 

Adelaide University 15.17 (107) defeated Athelstone 3.9 (27)

Saturday’s clash was a dead rubber, with both sides playing for pride only. Unfortunately for the Raggies, their season did not get any better. The Blacks won in a cakewalk by 80-points. The game only highlighted the Raggies inability to kick a winning score or formulate any plan going forward. The Raggies only kicked 62 goals in 9 games at 6.9 goals a game, which just isn’t enough to win any game of football. During the off season, the Raggies will need to find avenues to goal, if they are to stay in division one any longer than 2021. Alexander Davies, Sam Cooke, Luke Rander and Daniel Cluse played well for the Raggies. For the Blacks; Ben Adams, Ryan Marini, Maris Olekalns (3 goals), Mitchell Marini and Ben Edwards with his 7 goals were extremely good for the dominant Blacks outfit. Maris Okekalns had an outstanding back-half of the short season, and should poll well on medal night. 

Prince Alfred Old Collegians 15.10 (100) defeated Port District 9.8 (62)

Port District made to the trek to not so lovely Park 9, knowing they must win to play finals. The Magpies were right in the hunt at half-time as they led Prince Alfred OC by 21-points. Unfortunately for the young side from Largs Reserve, that’s where the the day ended. After half time the Magpies could only score 2.2 as Prince Alfred run away with the game. The Reds put the foot down in the third-quarter as they opened up a 12-point lead at lemon time. But the last quarter was all the Reds as they stormed home and kicked 6.3. In the end it was a comfortable Reds win by 38-points after looking under pressure at half-time. Jake Pitt was the best player on the ground with his 7 goals. Lachlan McNamara, Tom Bartlett, Will Dalwood (2 goals) and Riley Robinson gave great support to the match winner Pitt. James Batty kicked 4 for Port District and featured in the best players. Zac Hawkins was best for the Magpies and was well supported by Jack Gaffney, Matt Appleton, Sean Davidson (2 goals) and Harrison Hawkins. The Magpies would be disappointed missing out on finals action after challenging all season. But the young Magpies will come back stronger in 2021.

Goodwood Saints 14.9 (93) defeated Payneham Norwood Union 6.11 (47)

At the start of the season, if you tipped Payneham Norwood Union to miss out on the finals after winning the flag last year and recruiting well. You’d have been locked up in a padded cell. But the Falcons finished seventh in a huge fall from grace. They had a lot of close losses, but most people would still have thought the Falcons would play finals. For Goodwood Saints, they started the season very slowly and lost their first three games of the year. Goodwood got away to a flying start on Saturday and the Falcons were playing catch up all day. They led by 6.1 to nothing in at quarter time and that made it impossible to peg back. The Falcons had a mini recovery in the second term as they kicked 5 goals and only trailed by 8-points at the long break. But that was it for the Falcons, as they only kicked a single goal in the final half as Goodwood rattled on 7 goals to win by 46-points. Everyone was thinking the Saints were gone after round 3. But from round 4 until now the Saints have been the best side in the entire competition. They’ve been simply outstanding and Luke Donaldson the Saints coach deserves special mention. Nick Favretto and Jacob Hughes kicked 3 goals, while Max Thring, Anthony Dempsey and Nick Burgess kicked 2 each. Nick Favretto, Jack Carter, Benny Holzbauer, Lou Whitelock, Tom Carter and Jacob Hughes were outstanding for the Saints. For the Falcons it was the big man Nick Jolly who was their only multiple goal scorer with 2. Better players were the brilliant Dylan Auciello, Patrick Sanzo, Jack O’Leary and Dylan Pippett.

This week in Division 1
Goodwood Saints v Prince Alfred Old Collegians

Goodwood Saints are definitely the side playing the best football at the moment. Prince Alfred OC weren’t convincing last week and haven’t been the dominant side that their “side on paper” reflects during the season. On paper Prince Alfred are probably the best side in the competition. Goodwood have won their last 6 games and have been winning in style. Little separates the sides with their forwards or defence all season. The last 3 games however, Goodwood have found a way to have more avenues to goal. Their wins have been more convincing. But in looking closer, two of their wins were against cellar dwellers in Athelstone and Unley Mercedes Jets. I’m not jumping on the Goodwood bandwagon just yet. Prince Alfred, whilst not playing at their absolute best do have the best side in the competition “on paper”. Goodwood have only played one side of note in the last month. And they easily accounted for Payneham last week. The are also playing at home. All indicators point to a Saints win. I think you have to look a bit deeper and think the Reds will win.  Prince Alfred Old Collegians by 9 points

Rostrevor Old Collegians v Brighton Bombers

This is a replay of last weeks clash between the two sides. The only difference is the game is at Campbelltown, which presents even more problems for this Brighton side who are low on confidence after being belted last week by Rostrevor by 89-points. Its impossible to mount a case for Brighton. Over the last month, they were towelled up by Goodwood Saints by 41-points at home, beat Adelaide University who finished eighth by 1-point, lost to Port District easily by 45-points at Largs and then smashed last week by Rostrevor Old Collegians. By contrast Rostrevor Old Collegians have won their last 3 games and are in fine form. From time to time funny things happen in finals football. Brighton would need many “funny things” to go their way. Plus a huge change in form, luck and fortune to beat Rostrevor.

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