Payneham Norwood Union and SMOSH West Lakes will decide who goes into the grand final. Old Ignatians take on the reigning premier the ‘Blacks’ to see who is eliminated
By Michelle Wakim

SMOSH West Lakes v Old Ignatians

Just like that, the first week of finals has come and gone. Kicking off the Division One circuit was SMOSH and Old Ignatians. As the definitive underdogs, it was clear Old Ignatians had their work cut out for them; they were, after all, coming head-to-head with one of the strongest sides the League has to offer. SMOSH were on, and it may have been as simple as that. SMOSH built their victory over all four quarters, kicking ahead as soon as the football hit the centre circle. The end of the first quarter saw the scores sit at 16 to two, SMOSH’s way. While SMOSH continued to play their game, Old Ignatians didn’t score their first goal until the second half, resting at three-quarter time with eight points to SMOSH’s 48. From here, a win was farfetched for Iggies so they used the final term to add some points to their name – scoring two goals two to SMOSH’s one goal – making a small but meaningful dent in the defeat. Both sides have a long final’s series ahead of them. Old Ignatians worked hard this season to secure a second chance next week where they’ll have to knock off Adelaide Uni to play in a prelim. Uni will be looking for a strong win after the nail biter that’s just been, so Old Ignatians should rev up and bring the football that granted them this second chance: from there the success will come. Best on for Iggies was Kate Ferguson, Lili Gambranis, Hilary Campbell, Ellen Lynch, and Jemma Valente, while the two goals were split between Courtney Rossi and Gabrielle Salt. In the other semi which lurks on the horizon, SMOSH will meet their kryptonite: Payneham. SMOSH have convincingly defeated every side in the league apart from this top sitting side. The winner of this encounter will be propelled through to the Grand Final. Payneham have the blessing of a week’s rest, but SMOSH have the blessing of game day momentum. No matter who prevails, this match-up will be one filled with ferocity and passion, no doubt. This week, SMOSH did well to share the ball amongst their forward line with six different goal scorers: Kassandra Stroh and Tehlara Lovett with two, and Sadie Lienert, Danielle Cresp, Tayla Gordon, Molly Althouse each with one. Stroh, Althouse, Nicole Hooper, Teagan Usher, Poppy Waterford, and Georgina Evans were listed in the best. 

Morphettville Park v Adelaide University

At the sound of the final siren, there were sighs of relief alongside broken hearts after the most impressive comeback of this short season. Morphettville Park and Adelaide Uni met yet again – one of the original rivalries in the women’s league – in the first elimination final. Adelaide Uni emerged on top, arguably saved by the siren. Uni opened boldly, scoring three goals two in the first term, while keeping Morphies silent. The home side managed to get their engines going in the second quarter, putting two goals one on the board while Uni added one goal to their score. The third term saw Morphies retreat back into their shell, in what many thought was the end of their fight in the 2020 season. Uni capitalised on the Premiership Quarter scoring two unanswered goals. Then, finals footy showed its true colours. Morphies mustered up whatever they had left for the run home. The score at three-quarter time was 38 to 14, Uni’s way; by the end of the game, Morphies were within four points, falling a goal short of a semi-final. Morphies had managed to find a momentum for the ages, scoring three goals two in the final quarter while Uni’s score remained stagnant. Nevertheless, Uni had done enough to hold onto the victory, earning a place in next week’s draw against Old Ignatians. Goal scorers for Uni were Tara McDermott with a notable three goals, and Lauren Jones, Chloe Wanklyn, and Gigi Dadds each with one. McDermott rightfully took a spot in the best on, joined by Ella Slape, Alexandra Fitridge, Abby Pengelly, Matilda Van Riel, and Clare Peterson. Although Morphies’ season ends here, they did not fail to bring their trademark competition and quality standard to the table: they truly are one of the staple clubs in the women’s competition. Olivia Evans, Neave Delaney, Sarah Wilton, Sammie Allan, Jessica Vanderwal, and Sarah Vanderwal compiled to form the best on, while Kailey Buchalka slotted two, and Marie Martino, Delaney, and Wilton finished off their reputable seasons with one each. Hats off to both sides – Uni, let’s see how far you can take this season!

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