Scotch Old Collegians are through to meet Happy Valley while Broadview live to fight another day and will meet Gaza in the knockout semi-final and “local derby”
By Gabrielle Torpey

This week we saw the best take on the best with the first rounds of the finals and eliminations. Arguably everyone’s favourite part of the season, we say goodbye to some teams and change sides to support whoever makes it through to the finals. 

Broadview Vs Scotch OC (Qualifying Final)

Last time we saw Broadview take on Scotch OC (Back in round 1) the Tigers defeated Scotch OC with 7 goals and 7 points. Scotch OC scored just 2 goals. But as the season went on, Scotch OC proved themselves to be a team to watch out for, defeating all the same teams as Broadview. As can be predicted, the two teams needed to face each other again. Which team had improved since round 1? Who would win a walk into the next round of finals to face the Happy Valley Vikings on top of the ladder? It wasn’t looking good for Scotch OC in the first quarter with just one point to their name while Broadview had already kicked a goal. But things changed quickly, and Scotch OC were soon in Broadview’s faces. One of our favourite goal kickers of the season H. Howe managed just one goal while teammate E. Monaghan kicked the other, making the totals goals for Broadview 2. Strangely C. Jonson, who is second on the leading goal kickers, didn’t kick any goals this round. Broadview’s total was 2 goals and 3 points.  Scotch OC however brought their a-game. Slowly their scores had gradually been increasing throughout the season but because of round 1 they remained third on the ladder. They definitely pushed through in this game with A. Davies kicking three goals and A. Johnston kicking two. The total was 5.5 – 35, scores that are close to Broadview’s scores from round 1. Scotch OC will walk into round 2 of the finals, facing the fearsome Happy Valley Vikings. The last time these two teams faced each other it was a slaughtering by Happy Valley, Scotch OC scored some of their lowest scores this season. Next round is either going to be another slaughter or were going to see a retribution game. Having lost to Scotch OC, Broadview go on to face Gaza. Last time Broadview faced Gaza they easily defeated them but Gaza’s scores are almost unpredictable this season so who knows how this game might end. 

Gaza vs Mount Lofty (Elimination Final)

In the elimination final Gaza needed to win against Mount Lofty. Gaza had literally only just defeated the Devils in round 7 last week with 50 points to 29. There wasn’t a lot of room for improvement over a week’s time sadly and Gaza won with 31 points against Mount Lofty’s 25 points. Admittedly they are incredibly close scores considering Gaza all but kicked the Devils buts last week. Gaza’s goal kickers were C. Damen, who kicked three goals, and J. Rock. C. Damen had kicked two goals for the season before this game, awarding her with a best on nomination, well deserved. L. Danforth-Smith, A. Reid, X. Wang and M. Haniford also received nominations. Mount Lofty’s goal kickers were A. Calvario, A. Dawes, J. Mathews, each kicking a goal each. A. Czabayski, L. Rydon, G. Collins, C. Bamford, A. Dawes all received best on nominations. Sadly, we won’t see any more of Mount Lofty this season but Gaza move on to play in the Semi Finals against Broadview Tigers. Who knows at this stage who’s game it is and who might move on to play in the finals. 

Its been an incredibly short season, but all the same we are grateful to have had a season at all. Lets do our best to stay safe and healthy so we can keep playing and cheering until the end. 

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