Finals begin this week. We have 2 big clashes with Broadview v Scotch OC and Gaza v Mount Lofty
By Gabrielle Torpey

Mount Lofty vs Gaza

Strange and unpredicted scores in this game. Mount Lofty were sitting above Gaza on the ladder and had won in games against teams where Gaza had lost. This week’s scores were unforeseeable. Mount Lofty scored three goals and 11 points, that’s 29 points total. Its still higher than their last two games but they seem to be lacking in goal kickers. Gaza had only won one game before this game scoring a game changing 8 goals and 2 points, a total of 50 points. It sucks for Mount Lofty who seemed to have the ball on their side of the oval for most of the game but just couldn’t get it into the goals. Gaza however have some amazing accurate kickers on their team including Jaimi Rock and Keiren O’Dell but it seems that they didn’t play this game. Instead Gaza’s goal kickers were A. Kowcun, P. Grigg, A. Chinnery, C. Damen and C. Hoskin. All of who kicked their first goals of the season. That’s pretty amazing to win a game on first time goal kickers this late in the season. Mount Lofty, although great at defence, are not strong in their goal kicking. 

Broadview vs Happy Valley

This was the game not to be missed this week with Broadview sitting comfortably underneath Happy Valley on the ladder. It seems however that the seat was too comfortable, and Broadview were unsuccessful on their rise to the top. The total difference between the scores was 18 points, which isn’t a lot considering Broadview could have kicked three more goals to make the difference. But Happy Valley won, with only 5 goals but 8 points, a total of 38. Broadview on the other hand scored three goals and 2 points. Happy Valley’s J. Hooper only kicked 2 goals this game but her position on the top of the leading goal kickers is still stable. Meanwhile Happy Valley’s B. Mullen, A. Wood and R. Jozwa all kicked their first goals for the season. Jozwa also received her fifth best on nomination this round. Broadview’s H. Howe kicked two goals putting her pretty close to overthrowing her teammate C. Jonson on the leading goal kickers. Both Broadview players are sitting underneath Happy Valley’s Hooper. Howe’s kicking skills helped her score her third nomination for best on player while teammate E. Summers received her fifth. For now, Happy Valley remain on top of the ladder with Broadview close behind. 

Fitzroy vs Scotch OC

Fitzroy are 6th on the ladder only winning against Gaza and Eastern Park this season so far. Scotch OC have only won three games this season however are third on the ladder and holding onto the position firmly. Fitzroy kicked one goal in the third quarter leaving their total 6 points, against the 6 goals and 9 points scored by Scotch OC, a total of 45 points. 45 points are probably higher than normal scores for Scotch OC but considering the team scored 146 points against Eastern Park not long ago, I think we were expecting higher results. Scotch OC’s goal kickers were A. Franklin, A. Davies and H. Tavian, each kicking two goals each. Teammate L. Brake received her fifth best player nomination while Fitzroy’s M. Benedetto also received her fifth nomination.  

Strange game scores for strange times but all the more entertaining.


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