Finals begin this week. We have 2 big clashes with Pulteney v Blackfriars OS and Kenilworth v Tea Tree Gully
By Georgie Evans

Pulteney vs Blackfriars OS

The second and third team battled it out for a home final. In what can only be described as a scrappy foot race, Pulteney defeated Blackfriars OS 0.6-6 to 0.3-3. It was not a pretty match, and it would have been a frustrating game for both sides as they battled it out. With no goal kickers, we can only comment on the best players for each side. Pulteney’s best player on the day was Chloe Skoss, making her first appearance in the best players this season. She was followed by G. Osborne, L. Kittel, E. Sara and J. Sibly. Blackfriars best was Monika Ney who has made an impressive 6 appearances in the best players this year and was best on ground 3 times. Beside M Ney were I. Tucker, L. Martinson , K. Holliday, C. Tolson and L. Ackland. The ladder remained unchanged after this tight game. These two teams will face off again this week in the first week of qualifying finals. Pulteney have the double chance, but Blackfriars OS need a win to continue in hope of September glory. Hopefully next weekend will hold more success in front of goal than last weekend. A special congratulations to Jacalyn Pickering who kicked a very impressive 15 goals this season landing herself the title of leading goal kicker of Division 3. 

Flinders University vs Kenilworth

Going into the final round, Flinders University were top of the ladder and a game clear of 2nd spot. Kenilworth were 4th and needing to keep their percentage up to stay in the top 5. Flinders University were too good on the day, as they were all season, finishing round 7 with yet another win and becoming the undefeated minor premiers of Division 3. The final score was Flinders University defeating Kenilworth 446.8-44-14. Flinders University shared it around in front of goal with 4 different goal kickers. R. Rayner kicked 2, as did M. Gentle – while G. Burke and S. Rayner slotted one a piece. Their goal kickers also made apearances in the Flinders University best players, being G. Burke, M. Gentle, S. Rayner, M. Wakim and I. Starmer. Kenilworth had 2 goal kickers in S. Haines and S. Peters and their best players were E. Crackett, M. Rasmussen, A. Deegan, C. Lena and L. Schroeder. Flinders University get a well deserved rest this weekend heading into finals, while Kenilworth have to battle to continue into September. The Kookaburras take on Tea Tree Gully at Simonds Park in the first qualifying final to see who continues on and whose season ends.

Tea Tree Gully vs West Croydon

Going into this game, both teams had a lot on the line. Tea Tree Gully were in 5th position and West Croydon were 6th. A win for West Croydon would have put them level with The Gullies on wins but higher in percentage, napping them the last seat in the finals race. It was a heartbreaking end to the Hawk girls season, as it came down to a draw against 3.1-19 to Tea Tree Gully 2.7-19. West Croydon were impressive in front of goal, only kicking the single behind. Alas, they did not do enough to keep it out of The Gullies forward 50, as they managed to scrape together 2 goals and enough points to bring them level. This result meant that Tea Tree Gully hold on to 5th spot, and have done enough to hold on to a spot in the finals Goal kickers for Tea Tree Gully’s goal kickers were T. Koelman and A. Cleary. Their best players were R. Thomas, P. Marissa, T. Roberts, K. Doyle and G. Sharp. West Croydon’s accurate kickers at goal were T. Blackwell, D. Hill and T. Forrest and best players were N. Watkins, J. Wanganeen, T. Blackwell, J. Robson and C. Zippel. Tea Tree Gully move on the qualifying finals, taking on Kenilworth at Simonds Park.


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