Mitcham the powerhouse take on Marion in the second-semi final while Flinders Park take on Gepps Cross in the knock out final. Two amazing finals games to watch this week
By Jessica Phipps

Gepps Cross vs Flinders Park 

It was a slow start for Gepps Cross when they took on Flinders Park on Saturday afternoon at home as Flinders Park came to the oval with only one thought in mind, and that was to win. After a first quarter that was entirely dominated by Flinders Park, keeping Gepps Cross scoreless whilst scoring 20 points themselves, the game looked dim early. As the game went on, Flinders Park rampage continued and across the second and the third Gepps Cross could only manage just one point on the board. With 46 points already accumulated, Flinders Park looked destined for victory. However, in one of the greatest final quarter efforts from Gepps Cross, they managed to completely flip the game. Suddenly, it was now Gepps Cross who were getting the ball between the sticks and winning the contests. Gepps Cross soon managed an impressive 21 points on the board, all while keeping Flinders Park scoreless. Although their last quarter efforts must be acknowledged, sadly the girls at Gepps Cross could not bring it across the full four quarters, and subsequently, it was Flinders Park who took home the win with their 46 points. In a brilliant display of goal kicking, I. Battifuoco of Flinders Park booted three majors and B. Koziura, K. Usher, and A. Thomas all shared a goal each. As for Gepps Cross, J. Sanderson, S. Solly, and K. James came together in their last quarter dominance to all kick a goal, however, it was E. Brown, S. Payne, L. Robinson, C. Beames, and S. Hudson who were named the best for Gepps Cross. As for the bests at Flinders Park, who once again found themselves with the victory, E. Minervini, C. Fabbro, N. Fazzalari, M. Raynes, and A. Thomas were named their bests. Next week we will see the girls match up again as we are underway with the first round of finals. With hopes that Gepps Cross will be able to bring their last quarter efforts into next game, next weekend holds potential to be one of the closest rounds of football. Gepps Cross will need to bring their absolute best which we saw snippets of today if they want to bring it to Flinders Park on Saturday. 

Athelstone and Smithfield 

Saturday afternoon saw Athelstone and Smithfield battle it out in their last games of the season. Although both sides did not have the most memorable of the seasons, it was important from them to both finish strong. Athelstone had what was one of their best first quarters of the season where they came out and kicked an impressive 23 points, whilst keeping Smithfield at just mere six goals. However, it was then Smithfield who took total control of the game and in a complete turn of events, Smithfield kept Athelstone scoreless in the second and brought their total to 27. With just four points separating the teams going into the second half it was anyone’s game. When the third quarter came around, the contest was tight and neither side wasn’t going to let the win slip. Both teams put their bodies on the line to fight for the footy and with such an even playing field of women’s footy, both teams were scoreless in the third meaning the last quarter was going to be another hard-fought contest. When the final siren sounded, it was Smithfield who brought home their final win for the season. Although it was a well-matched game of football, unfortunately the girls at Athelstone only managed one point in the last, bringing their total to 24. Smithfield, on the other hand, were able to convert and brought their total to 36. For Athelstone, they had a long list of potential best players as it was a solid team effort from the girls, however, L. White, M. Cammarere, M. Heath, K. Fitzpatrick, and O. Mulvany had their names mentioned in the bests. An honourable mention must be made for M. Heath who kicked three goals, and those being Athelstone’s only goals scored for the game. It was a similar result for Smithfield, where it would have been difficult to pick out the top five players, however, it was K. Kite, J. Benbolt, M. Agius, E. Grainger, and L. Pridham who were mentioned. As for the goalkickers, M. Agius was once again impressive by kicking two, while C. Walker, T. Weetra, and C. Sumner kicked a major each. As both teams’ seasons come to a close, they both can hold their heads high. Although not the season they would have been hoping, both sides showed promising signs on numerous occasions throughout the season. Next season they will have their shot for glory once again. 

Mitcham vs Marion 

In the final match of the home and away season for division four women’s footy, it was second vs first and a match-up made in heaven. Or so many of us thought. With a home final on the line, the most shocking game of women’s football was presented to us. Marion, who had not lost a game all season and were looking to finish the season off on a high, crumbled under the pressure of Mitcham. With all guns blazing, Mitcham came out with fire in their eyes. After the first quarter, Mitcham already had a strong total on the board with a whopping 31 points scored, whilst Marion could only manage a mere point. Unfortunately for Marion, that point was to be the only score for them for the entire match. As the game continued, so did Mitcham’s domination and the girls continuously converted in front of goal. With a complete forward line demolition, J. Wittervan kicked an incredible six goals, Z. MacGill-Rankin was also impressive on three, S. Shields kicked two, and B. Coney, K. Guehrer, and G. Monaghan all added another six points onto the score as well. As Mitcham’s score only increased, the girls were ecstatic when the final siren sounded not only declaring their victory but also their success at scoring themselves a home final. Finishing on exactly 100 points, and Marion disappointed with their efforts on one point, it was J. Wittervan, Z. MacGill-Rankin, M. Hurley, A. Scott, and S. O’Hara who were included in the best players for Mitcham. It was an unfortunate loss for Marion and considering their efforts all season it was a surprise that the girls had a final game fade out. However, K. Howkins, H. Bound, S. Brown, C. Forster, and C. Jose were named their best on the day. It will be another interesting, if not more interesting due to this weekend’s result, game of football next weekend as these two teams take each other on once more in the first final of division four women’s football. Marion will be eager to prove that they have the skills that they’ve shown all season, whereas Mitcham will be hoping to bring this momentum into the match. Once again, it is Marion versing Mitcham in a blockbuster game, and the first round of finals could not look any more exciting. 

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