The Brighton Bombers are unlikely leaders. Whilst a waiting pack of St Peters OC, Port District, Prince Alfred and Rostrevor lay in wait. The Falcons and Saints are in danger of missing the finals
By Dylan Smith

Brighton Bombers v Prince Alfred OC

In the result of the round, the Brighton Bombers have defeated Division one powerhouse PAOC by 20-points at Brighton Oval on Saturday. The win sees the Bombers remain undefeated, moving them a win clear on top of the ladder. The first half was a tight tussle, with the visitors holding a slender three-point margin at the main break. However, the Bombers came out firing in the second half, booting seven goals to three, setting up an unlikely victory. In his first game of the season, Sam Venning was excellent for the home side, booting four majors, while John McPherson kicked three. The Old Reds couldn’t find a clear avenue to goal, with eight individual goal kickers including; Lachlan Mcnamara, Jack Trengove and Craig Pitt. Brighton’s engine room was terrific, winning the ball around the contest, giving their forwards first use with swift ball movement. Jack Chalmers was outstanding once again for the home side, while Jacob Carger, Nigel Osborn and Sam Venning were impressive. For the visitors, Hayden Jolly, Craig Pitt and Jack Trengove worked tirelessly to no avail.

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