The girls from Happy Valley had a wonderful season going through the year undefeated. But Broadview gave them a huge scare in the premiership decider as the mighty Vikings just scraped home by 3-points
By Gabrielle Torpey
Happy Valley v Broadview

Such a close game for the finals this week, and a good game to end the season with. Happy Valley started off strong, kicking one goal and five points. Things turned around fast however with Broadview fighting back hard, kicking two goals and three points to the Viking’s one goal. Broadview pushed through even harder in the third quarter, kicking two more goals leaving them ahead of Happy Valley by one goal. By the end of third quarter the scores were 23 to 27 favouring Broadview’s side. It was a fast-paced game, but Happy Valley came to win, and they weren’t about to lose their first game of the season in their last.  It only took one goal and one point for Happy Valley to steal the win away from an already celebrating Broadview. Broadview were so close winning but Happy Valley proved why they are on the top and have remained on the top for some years now. Happy Valley won on 4 goals and 6 points, a total of 30 points. Broadview almost won on 4 goals and 3 points, a total of 27 points.

Hanni Howe kicked all four gaols for Broadview, an impressive feat considering the team almost won on those efforts.  Broadview’s best player nominations were G Bentley, H Howe, E Summers, E Metcalfe and R Freeman. Howe kicked 20 goals for the season with teammate Jonson behind her on the ladder with 18 goals. The leading goal kicker of the season however was Happy Valley’s Jorja Hooper with 31 goals under her belt. Happy Valley’s goal kickers were B Mullen, C Wilson, S Growth and A Wood, each kicking one goal. Their best player nominations were H Nicolle, S Schirmer, L Chigwidden, M Green, J Davies and S Bociulis. Happy Valley’s Callie Wilson won the 2020 Division 2 Medallist.

That’s the season done and dusted. It was a short season but still blessed that we had a season at all. Time to move on to our summer sports and welcome the sun to our days. Hopefully by December we can all be reunited with our families and have a new-normal Christmas.
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