– by Iona McKenzie

Hope Valley v Edwardstown

This week’s game was quite a nail biter for Edwardstown fans, on home turf and with no loses so far this season Edwardstown looked set for another win; But Hope Valley had other plans. Hope Valley was determined to keep their winning streak and it showed! Coming out of the gate and scoring the first goals of the entire game leaving Edwardstown in shock until the second quarter. The two teams picked up the pace in the third quarter with the scores not being too far apart, but it was the goals scored by Hope Valley in the first quarter that ended up making all the difference with the final score being 31-42 Hope Valley’s way. The brilliant Edwardstown goal Kickers were J. Patching, with two, A. Alvey with one and S. Jones with one as well. The persistent Best players in the match for Edwardstown were P. Parsons, E. Drake, J. Daw, J. Carbine and K. Ryan. The superstar goal kickers for Hope Valley were S. Fry with two, H. Pugliese with one, A. Mozuras with one, J. Lake with one and D. Saege with another goal. The Best players for the triumphant Hope Valley were L. Lawless, T. Pix, B. Cook, L. Lawless and E. Symonds. Hope Valley next week should be looking to continue their winning streak against Lockleys on their home turf of Hope Valley oval or will the loss this week on Edwardstown’s home ground be foreshadowing Hope Valleys first loss of the season.

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