The Power of Risk
By Foti Mantis

Injuries and concussions are a plague on almost all AFL players. Whether it’s a major head concussion or a minor twist of the ankle, every player in the league will eventually experience some sort of injury. The question then arises of whether Australian Football is too dangerous a sport for kids and adults alike to play.

The most common types of injuries occur when players are being tackled or struck from their opponents, and when falling from attempted marks in the air. These types of incidents usually result in either knee or ankle injuries, which can remain with a player for the rest of their career. Concussions don’t occur as often as bruised knees or twisted ankles, but they are among one of the most dangerous injuries a player can receive. 

So, what should we do about this? Should we enforce rules that help protect players from such injuries? Should we change the rules to make the sport less dangerous? Well, obviously the answer is no. Such things would destroy the sport we all know and love. But, more importantly, destroy ourselves.

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