DIVISION 2 – by Gabrielle Torpey

Eastern Park vs Broadview

Eastern Park Demons have started the season with rough figures but admittedly they have
faced three of the toughest teams in the division. In round one the Mount Lofty Devils proved they are the supreme rulers with a 118-point win over the Demon’s zero. In round two, the Demons suffered against the Fitzroy Lions’ 132 points but managed to get a sneaky point in there just for good measures. The Demon’s most recent round (Round 3) was a mortifying 235-point loss against the Broadview Tigers. I wouldn’t be disheartened by these losses if I were the Demons. Next round they will face Gaza at Klemzig Oval where I predict the Demons might have better odds at winning and scoring. Relentless are the Broadview tigers this year. They have certainly started the season with savage figures. In round one they faced the Scotch OC winning with 37-points to take home under their belts. In round two they had a peaceful bye before they got their claws out for the Demons. Next round the Tigers have another home game against Fitzroy Lions who might tempt the Tigers by putting their hands through the cage, but the Tigers might snap their jaws faster than Fitzroy can react. Currently Broadview and Fitzroy both have the leading goal kickers of this division, but Fitzroy’s Laura Giaretto might find herself overwhelmed by the Tiger’s Courtney Jonson and Natasha Richards. Definitely put on the list of this week’s not-to-be-missed games.

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