Weekly Sports Quiz

October 1, 2020

1. STEVE SMITH suffered his first loss as Aussie Test skipper in 2016 against which country?
2. WHAT WAS the prize in the Test series between the Aussies and Sri Lanka in July and August 2016?
3. IN THE Second Test, which Aussie became only the 26th player in history to take a wicket with the first ball of a Test match?
4. WHO TOOK a hat-trick in the same match?
5. WHICH NATION won the series, and what was the scoreline?
6. WHO SCORED the most runs for Australia in the series?
7. WHO TOOK the most wickets in the series?
8. AND WHO was leading wicket taker for the Aussies?
9. WHICH AUSSIE speedway rider won the Grand Prix of Czech Republic in June?
10. WHICH TEAM won the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Holy Grail of ice hockey?
11. WHICH POP legend sang the American national anthem before the game?
12. A 30·SECOND commercial during the 2016 Super Bowl cost how many million US dollars?
13. WHICH MAJOR US sports league celebrated its 70th season in 2015-16?
14. WHICH AUSSIE boxer was knocked out in July 2016 in the world heavyweight tide elimination fight in Christchurch by Kiwi Joseph Parker?
15. WHICH AUSSIE is a punter for the New York Giants in the NFL?
16. WHICH SPORTS star had an airport named after him in 2016?
17. WHAT IS the traditional venue for the French Open?
18. WHO BEAT Serena Williams in a major upset to win the French Open crown?
19. WHAT IS her nationality?
20. WHO HELD all four major world tennis titles at one stage during 2016?
21. WHO WON gold in men’s singles at the Rio Olympics?
22. AND WHO won the women’s gold medal?
23. WHAT COUNTRY did she represent?
24. WHICH MALE player went into the Olympics as number one seed, but suffered a shock loss in the opening round?

25. I was born on the 1st of December 1959 in Queensland. My mother was a Queensland representative netball player. I represented Queensland in thirty-one State of Origin games from 1980-1991. I also represented Australia in thirty-three international matches.

1. Sri Lanka
2. The WarneMuralitharan Trophy
3. Mitchell Stare
4. Rangana Herath
5. Sri Lanka, 3-0
6. Steve Smith
7. Rangana Herath
8. Mitchell Stare
9. Jason Doyle
10. Pittsburgh Penguins
11. Lady Gaga
12. Five
13. The NBA
14. Solomon Haumono
15. Brad Wing
16. Cristiano Ronaldo
17. Roland Carros Stadium
18. Carbine Muguruza
19. Spanish
20. Novak Djokovic
21. Andy Murray
22. Monica Puig
23. Puerto Rico
24. Novak Djokovic
25. Wally Lewis