Goodwood Saints are into yet another grand final. Prince Alfred Old Collegians are done and dusted. While St Peter’s Old Collegians and Rostrevor Old Collegians do battle to see who takes on the Saints next week in the big dance
By Luke Hosie
Second Semi-Final
Goodwood Saints 9.18 (72) def St Peter’s Old Collegians 9.11 (65)

Born, dying, paying tax and Goodwood Saints playing in a division one grand final are the only certainties in life. And again this new group of Saints players and their coach Luke Donaldson, have put the famous club back into the “big dance” after a few years of not being there on the big day. St Peter’s Old Collegians started favourites, after an outstanding year. They had the week off last week in readiness for the big clash, but fell short. Goodwood got out of the blocks quicker than their collegiate opponent and led by 12-points at quarter time. However it was the second quarter, where the Saints probably won the game. Goodwood kicked three goals to one, and led at half-time by 25-points in a low scoring match. This ultimately was the difference. The maestro coach Geoff Riddle, made some positional changes at the long break, and St Peter’s come out firing in the third quarter. St Peter’s Old Collegians kicked 6 goals to Goodwood’s 2 goals, to draw within 1-point at three quarter time. Most people at the ground, thought that the momentum that the Saints had gathered during that third quarter, would be enough to win. But the momentum swung back in favour of the Saints in that final term. The Saints peppered the goals but only kicked 1.7 to St Peter’s OC 1.1. The poor goal kicking from the Saints could well have been their undoing, but they eventually run out 7 point winners. Evergreen Nick Burgess, was superb for the Saints. Others to play well, were Oliver Johnson, Angus Clarke, Jack Carter, Scott Blesing and Mason Ellis. Burgess and Angus Clarke were the only multiple goal kickers with 2 each. For St Peter’s OC it was James Hargreaves who was best and he was ably supported by big man Matthew Claughton, Toby Schulz, Hamish Allan and James Duncan. The two big book ends in James and Jock McLeay gave a real focal point for St Peter’s to score with 3 goals each.

First Semi-Final

Rostrevor OC 9.15 (69) def Prince Alfred OC 7.5 (47)

Prince Alfred OC and Rostrevor OC did battle at University Oval, with the Reds going in as favourites. However, they were never really in the hunt as Rostrevor led from start to finish. Never at any point during the day did Princes threaten to win. It was a fairly meek ending for the Reds who appeared grand final bound only a few weeks ago Rostrevor opened the game best, leading by 16-points at quarter time and should have been further in front, if not for inaccurate kicking. The second quarter however, was when Rostrevor iced the game, as they led by a game high 29-points at the long break. One sensed the game was well and truly over at this point. The Reds made a spirited comeback during the third quarter but still trailed by 18-points at three quarter time. The last quarter was largely one way traffic as Rostrevor peppered the goals kicking 3.5 to 3.1. Whilst it’s easy to look at the scoreboard and see a 22-point victory to Rostrevor, that did not tell the true tale of the game. Rostrevor having 24 scoring shots to the Reds 12 scoring shots best displays the superiority that Rostrevor had over their collegiate rivals. Dylan Reinbrecht, Paul Fantasia, Craig Holm, Kieran Holland and Lukey Manuel were best for Rostrevor. Manuel and Fantasia were their only multiple goal kickers with two each. For the Reds, it was tougher to pick better players. Tom Brinsley was superb all day, while Jack Stephens, Tom Humphries and Adam Perryman were good. Tom Bartlett kicked 3 goals and Tom Humphries kicked 2 as the only multiple goal scorers for the Reds.
Preliminary Final

St Peter’s Old Collegians v Rostrevor Old Collegians
Thebarton Oval at 2.15pm

Who gets a crack at Goodwood Saints next week? Will it be St Peter’s Old Collegians who took all before them during the minor round or will it be Rostrevor Old Collegians who have been outstanding over the last month? Both sides have quality all over the field. Both sides have outstanding midfields, while St Peter’s OC have the advantage in the ruck. There will be a number of “tagging” roles assigned to dominant midfielders, with Jesse O’Brien sure to have someone with him all day long. St Peter’s do appear to have better avenues to goal. The big boys in Jock and James McLeay and Luke Mitchell, offer some big marking targets up forward for Saints. The Rostrevor defence is not overly tall either. But with cooler and damp conditions predicted on the weekend, that could well help the ROC’s defenders. Rostrevor have been good at manufacturing goals and forwards during the year to get their goals. We’re sure that Rostrevor will have some surprises with the make up of their forward half on Saturday. For me, St Peter’s seem to have too many options all over the park. Whether going forward they seem to have more goal scoring power. Their defence appears to have more flexibility to cover problems and different scenarios that Rostrevor will ask of them. This should be a cracking game of football, with the winner not known until deep into the final quarter.For me its St Peter’s Old Collegians by 13 points.

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