How youth benefits the game…
By Kayla Voss

Young players in today’s game are lighting up the stage. Debutantes, no matter the era, are always exciting moments for clubs and fans, but in today’s game it feels exciting for different reasons. Or, perhaps, the reasons are simply emphasised. Sure there is excitement of witnessing the game’s future stars, but in recent years debutantes are having more of an impact than ever. The nature of the modern game is paving the way for these exciting players. 

PERSONALITY. If there is one thing these young guns have in common, it is their ability to add their own flare and personality to the game. Xavier Duursma introduced the AFL world to his bow and arrow celebration, and ignored haters comments by refusing to drop it. Izak Rankine’s unique personality shines through in his game. His first touch in AFL football proved just that as he danced around Melbourne defenders and snapped around his body 

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