Flinders University were the dominant side all season as they went through undefeated. But Blackfriars Old Scholars overcome many obstacles along the way to be a formidable opponent in the grand final. Both will be fantastic in 2021.
By Georgie Evans

Flinders University vs Blackfriars OS

The crowds piled into Simonds Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon to watch Flinders University and Blackfriars OS off to the Big Dance. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Blackfriars to make the road to the Holy Grail, who had to claw their way back into the race after a loss to Flinders University in the Semi Final. However, as they say, anything could happen in a Grand Final and an upset was not out of the question. Of course, Flinders University were an absolute force to be reckoned with. They went undefeated for the minor round and had not lost a game in finals yet; would this be the day of their disaster? Despite the fight put up by the Blackfriars OS girls, Flinders University were just too dominant. The final score ended up being Flinders University 4.7-31 to Blackfriars 2.1-13. A fairy-tale ending to a phenomenal year for Flinders University saw them with not a single loss to their name. Blackfriars OS should be proud of their season, taking it to teams that were the favourites, all the way to the end. The goal kickers for Flinders were 2 from Georgina Burke (who appeared in Flinders best 6 times and kicked herself 10 goals this year), Emily Hingston (who kicked 5 goals in 6 matches) and Milli Gentle, who also was named best on ground. Milli was followed by K. Smith, G. Burke, I. Starmer and S. Ramm in the premiership best. It was all about the Isabelle’s up forward for Blackfriars, with Isabelle Tucker and Isabelle Prior kicking their two goals for the match and also landed in Blackfriars’ best. Gabrielle Gormlie was best on ground making her 6th appearance in the top players, with Letisha Ackland and Gabriella King-Jones following in her wake. Well done to both of these incredible footy sides. You are an inspiration to women’s footy around the state, and we are excited to follow your stories in the 2021 season. Will it be a repeat premiership for Flinders? Or with Blackfriars come back for redemption? Perhaps that is the question that will be playing on the minds of the girls, come 2021 preseason.

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