The finalists are now set. But can either Gepps Cross or Flinders Park challenge Marion and Mitcham for the right to play in the grand final?
By Jessica Phipps

Marion V Athelstone 

Marion’s top of the ladder position remained firmly intact after they took on Athelstone Saturday afternoon. However, Marion once again found themselves in another low scoring game. With one of the lowest-scoring halves of division four women’s footy for the year, a total of three points was scored throughout the entire first half all which came from Marion. With only a three-point lead going into the second half, Athelstone were still in the game and considering this was a first versus last match-up, the chances of one of the biggest upsets of the season looked possible. Marion, on the other hand, was determined to not let that happen and brought their game to the next level in the third where they increased their score to 15. Unfortunately for Athelstone, they were greeted with another scoreless quarter. As Marion charged onwards to victory, Athelstone managed their only score for the day; a goal form T. Gardiner, bringing their final score to six whilst Marion finished comfortably on 24. With goals coming from C. Loy, H. Bound and J. Staltari, and their best players consisting of C. Forster, C. Franson, C. Tohu, H. Bound, and M. Pelvin, Marion continue onwards and upwards with another win on the board. Athelstone’s best consisted of E. Hughes, L. White, I. Bungay, M. Cammarere, and T. Gardiner, and although all the girls contributed towards keeping themselves in the game up until the second half it was not enough to slow the girls at Marion. Once again, Athelstone showed potential, and a lot of it. It is exactly what they will need when they take on Smithfield next Saturday who are just sitting a mere two points above them on the ladder. As for Marion, SAWFL fans will be awaiting a top of the table clash when they take on Mitcham under lights on Saturday. 


Mitcham V Flinders Park 

In what many believed had potential to be one of the toughest games of the season, Mitcham came out far too strong for Flinders Park on Saturday. Mitcham looked dangerous early and formed a good total on the board whilst keeping the girls at Flinders Park scoreless. As the second quarter came around, Flinders Park began to slow Mitcham, however, were only rewarded with two points for their efforts. Heading into the second with nine points separating either side, both teams continued to increase their scores by converting in front of goal. Although Mitcham seemed to have the game in their control, the girls at Flinders Park were holding on and the last quarter brought goals for both teams. However, it was Mitcham who finished with 28 points to Flinders Park’s 14. It was a strong team effort from the girls at Mitcham which allowed them to play such a controlled game, but it was Z. MacGill-Rankin, V. Ward, J. Wittervan, A. Scott, and M. Hurley who were crowned their best. Credit must be given to J. Wittervan who kicked an impressive three goals and those being the only goals scored by Mitcham on the day: evidence of a dominant performance in the forward fifty. Flinders Park saw K.Usher and N.Fazzalari boot a major each for the away side and although a disappointing loss for the girls, A. Thomas, D. Marciano, E. Minervini, I. Battifuoco, and S. Morris were named their best. With Mitcham’s form as of late, they can truly bring it to Top Dogs Marion next week in the blockbuster game of the round, whereas Flinders Park are set to have another challenging, but an entirely winnable, game on their hands when they take on Gepps Cross. 

Gepps Cross V Smithfield 

It was Gepps Cross’ day when they versed Smithfield at home Saturday night in what was a dominant display of women’s footy. Although it was a tough contest early and it seemed like we had a close game on our hands, Gepps Cross found momentum as the game progressed. After just two points separating either team in the first, the second quarter was where Gepps Cross dominance began. Going into the third the girls had an eleven-point lead and their efforts showed that this score was only going to increase. With a first half of footy that showed plenty of promising signs, sadly the girls at Smithfield were kept scoreless throughout the last half leaving their final score at 12, while Gepps Cross finished impressively on 40. It wasn’t all doom and gloom for Smithfield as M. Agius once again put on an impressive performance in the forward line by kicking the only two goals for Smithfield. J. Benbolt, E. Grainger, J. O’Loughlin, K. Williams, and C. Greenwood were also named the best players for Smithfield, where L. Robinson, I. James, E. Brown, J. Glenn, and K. James took home the votes at Gepps Cross. As for the goalkickers at Gepps Cross, it was a long list of contributors consisting of I. James who kicked two, and a major from K. James, A. Gericke, and T. Dickenson.  Gepps Cross will be looking forward to next week as they will hope to take this week’s dominant performance into their game against Flinders Park, and Smithfield will begin their search for redemption against Athelstone during a Saturday afternoon match. However, the girls at Smithfield must not let this week’s loss get in the way of the good footy we all know they can play, and we will be looking forward to seeing in round eight of division four women’s footy.


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