Finals begin this week. We have 2 big clashes with Hope Valley v Woodville South and Edwardstown v Henley
By Iona McKenzie

Woodville South v Kilburn

Kilburn has taken another consecutive loss this week against Woodville. Woodville happy to see a win again after last weeks loss from Hope Valley. Kilburn did put on some impressive defence but in the end, they could only sneak one goal into the final tally. Woodville South’s best players were E. Holt, M. Norman, E. Vitucci, M. Annese. Woodville’s outsanding goal kickers were E. Vitucci with two, E. Holt with two and E. Balute with one. Kilburn’s best players were E. Collins – Cole, T. Knaggs, T. Miller, J. Warrior, L. Matters. The Kilburn goal kicker was E. Collins – Cole. 

Happy Valley v Edwardstown 

Unfortunately for Happy Valley this was another loss for them after last weeks victorious win. However, Edwardstown came out on top this week with another win, continuing their new winning streak. Is this the start of a comeback for Edwardstown? The Happy Valley best players were A. Bottrall, E. Bartlett, C. Chipperfield, H. Neale, S. Gartery. The amazing Edwardstown best players were H. Rosenzweig, J. Patching, J. Daw, S. Jones, M. Jordan. Edwardstown goal kickers were J. Patching with four, A. Alvey with three, E. Drake with one, T. McAvaney with one and H. Rosenzweig with one. 

Lockleys v Henley

Henley secured their second win of the season against Lockleys who are on an unfortunate losing streak. Lockleys could not seem to score a goal the entire game while Henley ran away with it. Lockleys best players were J. Searle, P. Purdie, K. Dewar-Cutting, M. Bourke, S. McDonough, P. Simmons-Bartlett. Henley’s best players were T. Marks, H. Charity, H. Jones, M. Norris, L. Armstrong, C. Whitington- Charity. The awesome Henley goal kickers were H. Jones with four, L. Armstrong with three and H. Charity with one. 

Goodwood Saints v Hope Valley

Hope Valley locked in their predicted place in the finals, beating out Goodwood Saints and handing them their first loss of the season. This was the most anticipated game this week and the outcome could not have been better for Hope Valley fans. The Goodwood Saints best players were A. Size, E. Whyte, M. Griffiths , N. Dinan, T. Fox. Goodwood Saints goal kickers were C. Perks, C. Payne and A. Czernich-Pearce. Hope Valley best players were A. Lishmund, B. Cook, C. Lawless, L. Lawless, S. Fry. The great Hope Valley goal kickers were H. Taheny with two, T. Pix with one, S. Fry with one, A. Lishmund with one and J. Lake with one.


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