SMOSH West Lakes v Salisbury
By Michelle Wakim

Flinders University v Brahma Lodge 

SMOSH West Lakes is determined to win and it shows! Coming back from yet another win this week, there is really no stopping the undefeated team. For Salisbury, this will be there first loss of the season, they have had an impressive run and are sure to not let this loss defeat their spirits in next week’s game against Adelaide University. The game started off slow for Salisbury, taking the team until round three to score a goal, with their score consisting of zero until that point. SMOSH however, weren’t off to a racing start but still scored themselves enough points in the first and second quarter to stay in the lead in quarter three.

By quarter four the scores weren’t that far from each other with Salisbury on a final score of 13 points and SMOSH on 32. The goal kickers for SMOSH this week were K. Lee with two goals and M. Elsegood, M. Althouse with one goal each. Their best players in the match included T. Usher, T. Maher, goal kicker M. Elsegood, J. Parish, K. Howell and E. Mitchell. Although suffering a loss this week, Salisbury still showed their perseverance on the field this week with goal kickers and best player N. Baker leading the team with two goals and other best players S. Murphy, K. Fry, M. Lane, J. Sonneman, G. Me. Overall, SMOSH will be looking to have yet another win next week in their game against Christies Beach, to continue their mighty streak. Following Christies’ streak of unfortunate losses, having not won a game yet this season, this win for SMOSH should prove achievable.

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